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Property Consultants

Property search – whether to rent or buy, helping you  make the right move.

We will find country houses, cottages, farms, estates and sporting facilities to purchase or rent - alternatively, just a sound property investment.

We are aware of vendors who do not wish to market their houses or land actively but would sell to the right purchaser and as a consequence never reach the open market. Our search also includes properties that estate agents and professional contacts inform us of prior to going on to the market, often months in advance.

Having decided on the property that you wish to purchase or rent, we will advise you on the appropriate value and purchase strategy. Negotiation is critical to the chances of success.

We will be your single point of contact and oversee the entire process, liaising with all estate agents, solicitors, bankers, surveyors, local authorities and other professional advisors.

Busby Property Consultants can also advise on additional services such as solicitors, building surveyors, builders, architects and planning consultants.

What makes us different?

We give independent advice.

We are Chartered Surveyors regulated by the RICS.

We are uniquely placed to advise you on finding what you want and paying the true worth.

We know our area intimately and value precisely.

We persevere and get results.

All of our clients make savings in both time and money throughout the buying process.


Acquisition Search

Busby Property Consultants are experts in helping people find the right property to buy in the southwest of England

Additional Services

Busby Property Consultants offer more than just a property search service. Once they have found your ideal property they can organise your move and project manage any changes and alterations you might require.


Rental Search

Busby Property Consultants can help you find your ideal property to rent in Dorset, Somerset, Devon or South Wiltshire


Busby Property Consultants: specialists in selling and buying fishing on West Country rivers. Shooting rights search and acquisition service also available


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